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Robert Carver is an independent systematic futures trader, writer and research consultant; and is also currently a visiting lecturer at Queen Mary, University of London. He is the author of “Systematic Trading: A unique new method for designing trading and investing systems", and "Smart Portfolios: A practical guide to building and maintaining intelligent investment portfolios".

Until 2013 Robert worked for AHL, a large systematic hedge fund, and part of the Man Group. He was responsible for the creation of AHL's fundamental global macro strategy, and then managed the funds multi billion dollar fixed income portfolio. Prior to that Robert worked as a research manager for CEPR, an economics think tank, and traded exotic derivatives for Barclays investment bank. He spent his early career in the Middle East.

Robert has a Bachelors degree in Economics from the University of Manchester, and a Masters degree, also in Economics, from Birkbeck College, University of London.

Attribution (journalists please use if you quote me)

Robert Carver is an expert on systematic trading and a guest lecturer at Queen Mary University of London; a former head of fixed income at multi billion dollar quantitative hedge fund AHL and former investment bank trader, and the author of two books: "Systematic Trading" and "Smart Portfolios"

Short form (if desperately short of space):
Robert Carver is a former head of fixed income at quantitative hedge fund AHL, and the author of 'Systematic Trading' and 'Smart Portfolios'.


  1. Harriman's new Book of Investing Rules.I only just got to see the full list of other writers. There is one (very obviously NOT you) who I find so distasteful and foolish had I known of his contribution I would not have written my chapter. I don't know of all the other writers or their careers but the one I refer to is a salesman of the worst order. Pity. A mistake in my view b Harriman.

    1. I guess you can always exorcise his contribution from your free copy using a pair of scissors and/or a black marker pen.